Going out on my own


So this my very first blog and there will be many more to come. Going out on my own is more of a journey that I have decided to take rather than a pursuit of a career hopefully this will clear a few things up for my followers. The first trip into this journey has been  a little rocky with my wife's mother being diagnosed with a brain tumor and passing away last month. That was something that help me make my jump from having a daily job to going on this journey. I heard a phrase a few weeks back that "life is to short and too long to do something that is not fulfilling". That phrase along with the words from my mother in-law said the day she got out of surgery which was "leave that job and pursue your dream". 

After nearly 16 years of working for Pearson Mechanical here in the Denver area I decided to part ways and go out on my own as a photographer. Now is this crazy or what! Some may say I may have lost it while others may say "Good Luck" as a way to give some support and many others have given me their true support in this venture. 

So while I may have been diverted a little on my journey I will continue to blog and keep developing my skills a photographer along with refurbishing our condo to sell in the next couple of months. If I come along any interesting facts I will be passing them along. 

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