One a.m. at 10,000 ft after a quick snow storm

The hike up to heart lake wasn't all that bad, weather moved in and out most of the day but never got too dramatic mostly just light showers. By the time we reached Rogers Peak Lake the showers had stopped and looked like to we would miss the storms for the evening. While taking a break from hauling our packs with the camera gear for the night photography we were going to do, I took a few pics of the lake and the late fall flowers that were in bloom. Always on the mission to find the best photo. 

By 5 pm we had reached Heart lake setup camp retrieved water for the dehydrated meals all the while watching the sky darken to the west. The winds were not to bad until around 6:30 right before we were eating the storms hit, not much else to to do but set in a tent while the storm raged on, it just rain for the first few hours with small breaks in there that would gives us hope that we would be able to photography soon. At some point the rain had turned to a snow/graupel mix which coated everything at the altitude we were at. 

Early fall camping in the Rocky Mountains is exciting and always picturistic.

In Gratitude 


Flower @ Rogers Peak Lake
Flowers @ Rogers Peak Lake
1 am after the snow storm
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